Taxes Corporations are often required to pay quarterly taxes. Even if you are not a corporation,it may be wise to set aside your quarterly tax obligations in preparation for year-end tax filing and payment.

New Release Details This chart gives the change in monthly units sold in the first 12 months of a new release. The units sold and income of all new releases in 2nd and 3rd years are based on this table.

Cash Flow From Financing

A. Cash generated by financing

    new borrowing = $________ +
    stock issuing = $________ +
    capital contributions = $_________ total received = $______________ THEN SUBTRACT B. Cash used by financing
    loan repayments = $_________ +
    dividends paid = $__________ +
    other distributions = $__________ = total used $__________________ subtract B FROM A to determine cash flow from financing

Cash Flow From Investing
A. Cash Received

    Sale of Property: $___________ +
    Sale of investments: $___________ +
    Other activity: $___________
    = total received: $_______________ THEN SUBTRACT B. Cash Used
    Capital Expenditures: $___________ +
    Purchases: $___________ +
    Other use : $___________
    total used: $___________ + subtract B FROM A to determine cash flow from financing

Gross Profit Margin The gross profit margin is a measurement of a company’s manufacturing and distribution efficiency during the production process. The gross profit tells an investor the percentage of revenue / sales left after subtracting the cost of goods sold. A company that boasts a higher gross profit margin than its competitors and industry is more efficient. Investors tend to pay more for businesses that have higher efficiency ratings than their competitors, as these businesses should be able to make a decent profit as long as overhead costs are controlled [overhead refers to rent, utilities, etc.] [You can find industry-wide information on the ratios for specific industries in various financial publications, online finance sites such as, or rating agencies such as Standard and Poors].