An actual business plan you can use for your business!

“I bought your business plan when I realized I had an interested investor and it made me do something I'd never done before. FLESH OUT ALL THE DETAILS! I haven't even finished the plan and have gotten the a-ok on the finances! 6 figures! My plan is edgy so I had to alter a couple things but it was a great template. The stats you found fit our objectives exactly! They were up to date and cited with references. As I sit here chunking out the last few details and financial report (and Yes I used that calculator feature at least 20 times today), I'm here to say there is no equal for your business plan. Keep your fingers crossed, its time for me to save hip-hop!”

-- Sir (formerly Sir Reigns)

"Once you recognize and respect the reality that Hip Hop is a legitimate culture with its own history, music, dance, dress and language, and that those elements of culture have value, you can turn your Hip Hop passion into profit to share it with the world without compromising your respect for that culture"--Walt Goodridge

Why You REALLY Need a Business Plan These Days

As the name implies, a business plan is a plan for your business. If your business idea is one that requires some capital (money) to launch or grow, then any investor or bank will request to see your business plan. The purpose of any good business plan, therefore, is to communicate the capabilities and talents of the principals (that's you and other owner/partners), and the soundness of the strategies you will implement in order to 1. grow the business, 2. achieve profitability, 3. repay any loans, and 4.reward any investors.
However, there's a more important reason for you to write a business plan. Even if you are not seeking investors or a loan, (and for those of you who know my philosophy, know that I maintain that you don't need MONEY to start a business, and that what you need instead is VALUE), the process of thinking through and composing your business plan helps you to declare your intention to yourself and the universe, focus on and commit to a specific outcome, verbalize and write down your goals, harness your innate creativity, activate the power of your subconscious mind, mobilize your Higher Self, and change your vibrational state, and the frequency of your thoughts to one of hope and the possibility of a desired future, thereby bringing to you, by the Law of Attraction, the people, events and circumstances which will work in concert on seen and unseen levels of reality to manifest your dream.
For that reason, even if you are already in business and making money, writing a business plan can help you. In addition, since market conditions are constantly changing, writing a plan (especially the marketing and financials sections) can help you get a firmer handle on what you are and can and should be doing to grow your business, where your money is actually going every month, and how to monitor and reduce expenses and operating costs.
Additionally, a good business informs sales personnel, suppliers, and others about your operations and goals and, in-effect serves as an operations manual for your employees.
A business plan is not a one-time-only endeavor. As it serves as guide, as well as gauge, many entrepreneurs tweak their business plans on a monthly, even weekly basis.

Not just for record labels!

Since this plan contains market, demographic and economic data for Hip Hop as an overall industry, the information and even the financials are applicable in a broad way. Along with the Hip Hop Financials Calculator™, it can be used as the basis for just about ANY Hip Hop Business!
While every business plan format can be different, they all must include certain necessary information that banks and investors require, and that you need to master your company, your business and your industry....which brings us to a VERY IMPORTANT reason you need a business plan... to get a handle on, and market effectively in the NEW music industry!

Here's what you get: An actual business plan you can use as a guide, as a template and even just as is!

People pay THOUSANDS of dollars for this information.

Using this as your template, your business plan will impress your partners, inspire confidence in investors, and thoroughly impress bank loan officers with its attention to detail.
• A complete and comprehensive business plan
• Industry statistics
• Financial Projections (Income Statement, Cash Flow, Balance Sheet)
• *Marketing strategies based on current industry trends (very important!)
• Operation strategies for the new paradigm
• Sales Strategy for physical and Digital formats
• Comprehensive business outline,
• Current demographic information for target marketing
*(We research industry data and make financial projections based on the current real life trends. In other words, the data in our business plans is based on current reality!)
PLUS you get:
• An ADDITIONAL Sample Business Plan for CD-Rom Magazine
• Resources for researching further information
• Explanations of every number in every chart
• Template with tips for creating every section of your own CUSTOMIZED plan
• Hip Hop Business Plan Reports:
    "The Record Label of the Future"
    "The Recording Studio of the Future"
    "What Investors Look For"
Divided into 3 Parts:
PART I: A Sample Business Plan
• Cover Letter to Loan Officer from LightSabre Records
• Executive Summary of main points of business plan
• Record Label Business Plan for LightSabre Records
• Appendix
PART II: Creating Your Own
• The Business Plan Standard Template
• Tips on Completing Each Section Using the Standard Template
• Bonus Business Plan
• Resources
It's An Actual Record Label Plan!
Yes, this is an actual record label business plan you can use as a guide and template to create your own. Use it get investors, financing, or as guidance for operating your own label! Order and download right away as PDF file. Regular Price: $97; NOW $69!
Use it as a guide to:
• Tweak or develop your own business plan or idea (Perfect for Do-it-Yourself-ers!)
• Gather marketing data and unique ideas
• Explore a concept for a business you may never have considered! Learn what's important. What's not.
• Learn what to include. How much detail to provide, and in what format.
Business Plan Table of Contents
Every section is complete!

I. Executive Summary

II. Company Description
This section typically includes
      A. Legal name & structure of business
      . Mission/objectives/vision
      C. Management team
      D. Location and Geography
      E. Company development stage
      F. Trademark, Copyrights, Patent, Domain name & other legal holdings
      G. Products and Services offered
      H. Specialty business information
      I. Financial status of company
      J. Milestones achieved thus far

III. Industry Analysis and Trends
This section typically includes
      A. Size and growth of industry
      B. Maturity of industry
      C. Impact of economic factors
      D. Seasonal factors
      E. Technological factors
      F. Regulatory factors
      G. Supply and distribution
      H. Financial considerations
      I. Anticipated changes and trends in industry

IV. Target Market
This section typically includes
      A. Demographics/Geographics
      B. Lifestyle and Psychographics
      C. Purchasing patterns
      D. Buying sensitivities
      E. Size and trends of market

V. Competition
This section typically includes
      A. Competitive Position
      B. Market Share
      C. Barriers to entry
      D. Future competitors

VI. Strategic Position and Risk Assessment
This section typically includes
      A. Company strengths
      B. Market and Industry Opportunities
      C. Risk Assessment
      D. Definition of Strategic Position
      E The Wow Factor

VII. Marketing Plan and Sales Strategy
This section typically includes
      A. Company's Message
      B. Marketing Vehicles
      C. Strategic Partnerships/Alliances
      D. Other Marketing Tactics
      E. Sales Force and Structure
      F. Sales Assumptions

VIII. Operations
This section typically includes
      A. Plant and Facilities
      B. Manufacturing/Production Plan
      C. Equipment & Technology
      D. Variable Labor Requirements
      E. Inventory Management
      F. Supply and Distribution
      G. Order Fulfillment and Customer Service
      H. Research and Development
      I. Capacity Utilization
      J. Quality Control
      K. Safety, Health & Environment
      L. Shrinkage
      M. Management Information Systems
      N. Other Operational Concerns

IX. Technology Plan
This section typically includes
      A. Technology Goals and Position
      B. Internet Goals and Plans
      C. Hardware Needs
      D. Software needs
      E. Telecommunication Needs
      F. Technical Personell Needs

X. Management and Organization
This section typically includes
      A. Principals and Key Employees
      B. Board of Directors
      C. Consultants and Specialists
      D. Management and Personell to be added
      E. Organization Chart
      F. Management Style and Corporate Culture

XI. Community Involvement and Social Responsibility
This section typically includes
      A. Social Responsibility Goals
      B. Company Policies
      C. Community Activities
XII. Development, Milestones and Exit Plan
This section typically includes
      A. Long Term Company Goals
      B. Growth Strategy
      C. Milestones
      D. Risk Evaluation
      E. Exit Plan

XIII. Financials
This section typically includes
      A. Income Statement
      B. Cash Flow Statement
      C. Balance Sheet
      D. Break-even Analysis
      E. Assumptions of this plan
      F. How the Funds will be Used

XIV. Appendix


“It all begins with an idea. Maybe you want to launch a business. Maybe you want to turn a hobby into something more. Or maybe you have a creative project to share with the world. Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.”

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An actual business plan you can use to start your business
by Walt F.J. Goodridge
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